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Why Being An Expert Will Boost Your Sales Results & Improve Your Business

06 11 2012

How do I win more business? How can I achieve sales success? Why don’t my clients ever ring me? What do I have to do to get the phone ringing? Why don’t my clients take me more seriously? Why do we talk about partnerships with our clients but then end up bouncing around like a jelly tot on the end of a piece of string? My clients are only interested in price. My clients aren’t totally honest with me. How can I get my clients to see more value in what I do? How do I differentiate my products and services from those of my competitors? What do I have to do to take my business to the next level?

You may have thought and asked all of the above or maybe only one or two but the bottom line is that many of these would disappear or be dramatically improved upon if you were more of an expert at what you do.

On my travels as a sales motivational speaker, people often ask me what has changed in business and the economy over the last few years and the answer is that, for many, things have got TOUGH. Times have got TOUGH. Sales have got TOUGH. Business has got TOUGH. Keeping your sales going, your business running and your profits flowing has become… TOUGH.

Many businesses have gone to the wall. Many more will go to the wall. More people will lose their livelihoods. And even more will struggle by, barely making ends meet. Like you, over the last few years, I have seen previously profitable companies go bust, successful business people lose everything and many, many salespeople put out of work.

Over the last few years, companies have reduced prices to try and win more business, cut their cloth, maximised efficiency and hung on for grim death. And that’s the way it will be for many more businesses in the future. One of the problems is price. If you cut prices to win business and that is your only strategy, someone else will cut them more. Someone else will undercut you. Someone else will be prepared to pull their belt event tighter than you. Even to the point that it cuts them open like a stick of Blackpool Rock and you can read THE ONLY THING IS PRICE stamped right through the middle of them.

Act this way and you will constantly get into price wars, clients will play you off against your competitors and even if you manage to survive, it won’t be pretty.

But there is another way to achieve sales success… be the expert.

In today’s competitive markets, some businesses are thriving. Some products, services and solutions are racing off the shelves. Some salespeople are making sales, helping happy clients to fulfil their wants and needs and making a healthy profit to boot. And one key to this sales success is being an expert. defines an expert as a person who has some special skill or knowledge in a particular field; specialist; authority. A pretty good description as you would expect. But what does this mean for you as a sales or business person and why do you need to be one?

Sales experts know how to add REAL value for their prospects and clients. They don’t just shift products, services or solutions. They help people to meet their needs, get what they want and create the businesses and the lives that they desire. Experts provide a service that clients can’t get just anywhere. Experts provide solutions that are uncommon in business. Experts scratch the itches that others don’t even know exist.

In today’s competitive markets, clients want to deal with experts because experts can help them to navigate choppy waters and achieve what they want.

And as an expert, there are many, many benefits.

  • Experts are in demand. Most salespeople and business people are average. There are not many experts which means that experts are in demand.
  • Experts add true value. Experts know how to add value for their clients. They know their business, the clients business, the market and how they can help. Experts don’t talk about value, they bring it.
  • Experts can charge a premium commensurate with the value that they add. Experts charge more. Often a lot, lot more. Comparing experts with everyone else is like comparing the slide in your local park with Millenium Force at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.

  • Experts can choose their clients. Seriously. What would it mean to you if you didn’t have to work with your worst clients? Ever again? Experts don’t. They choose their clients every bit as much as their clients choose them.
  • Experts truly help their clients. They don’t say they help. They don’t talk about helping. They don’t tell a good tale but fail to deliver. They truly help their clients to achieve awesome things in their lives and in their businesses.
  • Experts do not play to the same rule book as average salespeople. Nope, they don’t. Experts play their own game to their own rules. Partly because they can and partly because they know that they have the expertise and the experience to do so.
  • Experts turn down business and clients that they cannot add value for. A bit like Nanny McPhee, experts walk away when they are not needed… “When you need me but do not want me, then I must stay. When you want me but no longer need me, then I have to go.” – Nanny McPhee.
  • Experts dance with their clients, they don’t dance for them. Experts don’t have to dance to the tune of the client’s pipe like everyone else has to because the client doesn’t play their pipe for the expert, they ask the expert what music they should be playing together and why!
  • Experts can open up opportunities that non-experts cannot. Experts have access to people, places and opportunities that others do not because of their reputations, their referrals and their recommendations.
  • Experts have great lives. They choose their clients, they have great relationships with their clients, they add value for their clients, they constantly improve their skills and expertise, they have job security, job satisfaction and money, if they want it.
  • Experts are the real deal. Experts are experts because of the value that they add. They are not experts because of what they say. They are experts because of what they know, what they do and because of their results.

I could go on but I am hoping that it is patently clear why you need to be an expert if you want to achieve sales success and that you’re determined to be one. In my next few articles, I am going to look at “Why You’re Not An Expert… And Why That’s Killing Your Sales Success & Your Business” and “How You Can Become An Expert & Make More Sales Than You Ever Thought Possible”. To make sure that you get to read these as soon as they are released, join my success newsletter here now. It’s full of tips, tools and strategies for sales, success and life and best of all, it’s free.

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