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How Do I Retain My Best Salespeople?

07 06 2012

Although this blog is my favoured discussion place, I do run a few other groups too and one of them is on LinkedIn. Today, on my Sales Psychology & Performance LinkedIn Group, a group member asked a question about how companies can retain their best sales performers. Here is my answer…

That’s a BIG question and a very important one too. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question as every team and every individual are different but here are a few quick starters to get you thinking…

  • Treat them as individuals. Do coaching and understand what is really important to them – as individuals in their day to day roles, their jobs, their careers and to them personally.
  • Run motivational meetings that inspire, motivate and educate.
  • Reward them for positive behaviours as well as successes. And remember that rewards are not just money.
  • Be appreciative. Thank them for a job well done.
  • Use the 4S Principle (from my 5.5 Steps to Sales Success programme), Share Sales Success Stories. The stories that are told in your business massively impact beliefs, attitudes and behaviours.
  • Train them regularly. This keeps them on top of their game, shares best practise, gives them the edge and shows them that they are appreciated and valued. It also demonstrates that you think that sales is a valuable profession that merits investment.
  • Give them responsibility. Find out what responsibility they want and find ways of helping them to have this.
  • Keep them connected. Particularly if they are remote workers. Think about regular get togethers, teleconferences, e-updates, Twitter groups, 121 coaching, training session etc.
  • Reward them financially and in their careers. But beware… many believe this is the only key, it is not. Indeed, I have seen many “over-rewarded” sales teams who were unrealistic and flighty precisely because they were over-rewarded.

I could go on but this was just a few ideas so, if you want more, here’s an article I wrote some time ago “5 Strategies For Building A High Performance Sales Team.”

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